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Meerapur Barwari Durga Puja Committee, in it's 44th year, memorises its glorious past. The way we celebrated our Pujo, the milestones we've crossed...

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We are planning to organise this year Durga Pujo in a similar way as we did in last few years. The theme based Pujo to aware the younger generation and ...

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Over the years Meerapur Barwari Durga Puja Committee has pioneered in providing devotees an environment where their religious believes came ...

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PUJA Calendar
Bengali Year 1426 BS
 English Year 2019

This year Maa Durga will come on Gaja (Elephant) & she will go back by Charanayudha (A form of Cock).
 Goddess Durga's arrival on an Elephant suggests Good Rain, Peace & Prosperity  while her departure on Charanayudha reflects discomfort.
Occasion Date & Month
Bengali  1426
Date & Month
English 2019
Day Timings
Mahalaya 12th Ashshin   29th September Sunday  Upto 08:14 P.M.
Durga Panchami 16th Ashshin 03rd October Thursday Upto 03:12 P.M.
Durga Shasthi 17th Ashshin 04th October Friday Upto 02:26 P.M.
Maha Saptami 18th Ashshin 05th October Saturday Upto 02:08 P.M.
Maha Ashtami 19th Ashshin 06th October Sunday Upto 02:21 A.M.
Sandhi Puja begin 19th Ashshin 06th October Sunday From 01:57 P.M.
Sandhi Puja end 19th Ashshin 06th October Sunday Upto 02:45 P.M.
Maha Navami 20th Ashshin 07th October Monday Upto 03:06 P.M.
Vijaya Dashami 21st Ashshin 08th October Tuesday Upto 04:20 P.M.
  Source: Beni Madhav Sheel Panjika/ DrikPanchang   

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